ZettaScale x ROSCon 2023

ZettaScale x ROSCon 2023

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ROSCon is by far our team’s favourite event in the robotics world. Few other events succeed in gathering such a passionate community in one place and actively drive technological progress forward with well-thought-out feedback and years of expertise.

This is not the first time we have attended ROSCon. Last year, we attended the first edition after the pandemic, in Kyoto, Japan. We wrote a blog post with what we learned, what you should know, and what we planned to do next. 

Since then, we’re happy to say we have made much progress. We launched two main updates and several new features, including the ROS bridge that many of you had requested in Kyoto. You can read more about each one:

This year, we’re proud sponsors and happy to enable this exchange of ideas to happen in New Orleans, USA. We’re looking forward to once again talking with the ROSCon 2023 community and hearing your feedback.

At booths 8 and 9, you’ll be able to talk with (from top left to right): 

  • Angelo Corsaro, our CEO & CTO (LinkedIn)
  • Julien Enoch, Senior Solution Architect (LinkedIn)
  • Steven Palma, Software Engineer (LinkedIn)
  • Luca Cminardi, Head of Technology (LinkedIn)
ZettaScale team at ROSCon 2023

At our booth, we will show our brand new Zenoh bridge for ROS2 which now perfectly integrates with ROS2 over DDS. We will demonstrate with two TurtleBot 4 how easy and fast it is to monitor ROS data from the robots, over wifi, locally or from the Cloud. We will also show microcontroller integration with ROS2 via Zenoh-pico.

If you’re around the robot demo area on Friday, at 3:25 pm CDT, you’ll see Julien hosting a demo with one of our TurtleBot 4, demonstrating how easy and fast it is with a new bridge to monitor/teleoperate a robot over wifi. He’ll reserve five minutes to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to talk with him.

This year, we launched a series of webinars focusing on using Zenoh in robotics applications. You can see a couple of them below, ahead of visiting our booth. Zenoh is open source, so you can install and test it while watching these videos.

This year, several organisations tested Zenoh for robotics applications and released their reports. You can check these resources on LinkedIn.

TIERS Labs: Comparison of DDS, MQTT, and Zenoh in Edge-to-Edge and Edge-to-Cloud Communication for Distributed ROS 2 Systems

TIERS Labs: Comparison of DDS, MQTT, and Zenoh in Edge-to-Edge and Edge-to-Cloud Communication for Distributed ROS 2 Systems

FLECS: How we gain extra performance with the power of the dragon

FLECS: How we gain extra performance with the power of the dragon

On both Thursday and Friday, you can visit our booth to chat with our team. If you’re an experienced Zenoh user, we want to hear your feedback. As you’ve seen, our team is quick to listen and implement the feedback we receive from our community.

For those brave enough, we organised a Treasure Hunt challenge! The rules are simple and you can see them on this page or by scanning the QR code from the challenge card you’ll receive at our booth. We teamed up with a few other companies to help you discover a few other cool robotics projects. 

Zetta Merch Launch and Treasure Hunt Challenge:

We’re launching a new line of Zetta merch in a few weeks, and if you join the challenge, you can be among the first to own them. If you’re among the first 10 people to complete the challenge for that day, you can claim your Zetta t-shirt and mug right away. If you’re not, you still have a chance to be among the five big winners (to be selected at the end of October). You can win a custom Zetta jersey (like our team at the booth is wearing) with your name on the back and our full collection of Zetta merchandise.

We have more surprises coming your way, so be sure to visit booths 8 and 9. See you soon!





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