Zetta Platform a pure path

A platform that unifies communication, storage and computation from the cloud to the micro-controller

It integrates seamlessly with mainstream protocols and databases, and it’s extremely time, space and energy efficient

Runs Everywhere

Provision, manage and monitor a secure infrastructure in the cloud to device continuum.

Any Topology

Freely mix and match routed, brokered and peer to peer communication.

High Performance

Built on Zenoh, the most performant and power efficient protocol on the market.

ROS Ready

Built-in support for ROS and ROS2 based robots.

Zetta connectors storage and data


The Zetta Platform supports a continuously expanding set of Protocol and Storage plug-ins.

All of the supported plug-in can be monitored/ managed from our tools.

Some plug-in such as that for DDS are first class in the sense that we also have our DDS implementation.

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The Dragon

Zetta is built on the extremely innovative Eclipse Zenoh Protocol. Zenoh is pub/sub/query protocol that unifies data in motion, data at rest and computations from embedded microcontrollers up to the data centre.

Why Zetta?


Zenoh provides you with a technological solution for building cloud-to-micro-controller systems.

Yet, you have to provision, manage and monitor the Zenoh infrastructure yourself.

Zetta (Z) The Cloud to Device Continuum Platform Leverages Zenoh to unify communication, storage and computation from the cloud to the micro-controller.

It integrates seamlessly with mainstream protocols and data-bases.

It’s the best solution for Robot-to-Anything (R2X) communication. It natively supports ROS and ROS 2 based robots.

It is extremely time, space and energy efficient.

Zenoh the dragon behind Zetta:

The First Non-DDS Middleware for ROS

Why Zetta?

External Reports

Open Robotics:
Zenoh named the Alternative Middleware for ROS 2

National Taiwan University:
Performance Comparison for Zenoh, DDS, MQTT and Kafka

FLECS: How we gain extra performance with the power of the dragon

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