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Zenoh is a pub/sub/query protocol unifying data in motion, data at rest and computations. It elegantly blends traditional pub/sub with geo distributed storage, queries and computations, while retaining a level of time and space efficiency that is well beyond any of the mainstream stacks.

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The only protocol on the market that can span from the microcontroller to the data-centre while delivering extreme performance and minimising resource usage


Support for mesh peer-to-peer, routed and brokered communication

Zenoh supports communication over any topology. You can leverage peer-to-peer when possible, routed communication to scale across the Internet, and client broker to integrate extremely constrained devices.

To support swarm robotics use cases, Zenoh allows client communication to be brokered by either peers or routers. In short the only constraint to the communication patterns you adopt is your imagination!

Zetta and Zenoh support for mesh peer-to-peer, routed and brokered communication
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Zenoh runs on anything and delivers Extreme Performance

Zenoh has been designed to be able to run on top of a traditional transport layer, such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP, but it can equally work at a network or data-link layer, such at plain Ethernet or Bluetooth. Zenoh can also transparently bridge across protocols.

Zenoh delivers extremely high throughput and ultra-low latency. It is capable of delivering close to 60Gpbs of throughput and has a latency of 15 microseconds.

Zenoh adoption is growing extremely quickly, here are the reasons why everyone loves this protocol



First class abstractions for pub/sub, geo-distributed storages, query, and queryables simplify the development of distributed applications, at any scale.


Zenoh provides efficient publish/subscribe primitives, supporting multiple levels of reliability, dynamic discovery, fragmentation, and wire-level batching.


Zenoh provides primitives for defining geo-distributed storages with sharding and replication.

Queries and Queryables

Zenoh provides well-defined semantics for querying and aggregating. It also allows applications to register computations that will be triggered by queries; a simple mechanism that allows many patterns to be implemented, such as RPC and map-reduce.



Zenoh protocol and its implementations are decentralized and can scale-out as well as scale-down.

Scalable Routing

Zenoh provides scale-out through a scalable routing infrastructure that allows your applications to be deployed at Internet scale.

Low Power Networks

Zenoh has been designed to run across extremely constrained transports such as LPWAN and LowPAN. To maximise the usable bandwidth, Zenoh can run on OSI Layer 2 and has a minimal wire overhead of 4 bytes.

Constrained Devices

Zenoh implementations can be extremely resource constrained. It runs on your favourite microcontroller, including Arduino, STM32 and ESP32.



Zenoh is fast to learn and extremely performant.

Fast Adoption

Zenoh has a very simple API that makes it extremely fast to get started and productive. APIs are available for the most popular programming languages and more are added regularly.

Low Latency

Zenoh has an extremely low latency, thus it is appropriate for applications that require extremely low overhead and reaction times.

High Throughput

Zenoh delivers extremely high throughput and allows you to further its off-the-shelf performance through the batching API.

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ZettaScale provides training, services and commercial support for the Open Source version as well as commercial editions that include some useful tools along with additional testing and hardening.

What are you waiting for to get started with the most user-friendly and performing protocol available on the market?

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Zenoh Commercial Edition is available through ZettaScale


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Zenoh is extremely easy to get started with. It is readily available on most platforms, as well as pre-packaged on your favourite container technology.

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