ZettaScale Newsletter – May 2023

When a company starts working with us, we are usually asked if they should use Zenoh or DDS and how they compare. For companies that are looking to unify the stack used from the Cloud to the microcontroller, Zenoh is the right choice. In systems that have requirements of compliance or interoperability with the OMG DDS Standard then Cyclone is the right choice.

That said, even in these cases Zenoh can be of great use, allowing users to leverage Zenoh transparent interworking with DDS, to reach contained devices, to operate at Internet Scale and leverage the support for data at rest and computations provided by Zenoh. This allows you to use DDS where you need it and Zenoh everywhere else, leveraging its simplicity, performance and next-generation features.

ZettaScale Comic

This is the case in this episode of our comic as well. Zenoh asks his friend to reach out to some older generation of robots that can only talk DDS. After all, Cyclone DDS is one of the most widely used DDS implementations in Open Robotics’ ROS2.

We also dedicated this newsletter to Cyclone DDS because we’ll soon celebrate almost a year of our strategic partnership with TTTech Auto. We joined forces to use our 20+ years of DDS expertise and utilise their knowledge in the automotive industry to expand the capabilities of software-defined vehicles and bring the first European ISO-26262 ASIL D certified DDS implementation. If you’re interested, read more about our partnership.

On Tuesday, we’ll host a joint webinar with TTTech Auto to talk about software-defined vehicles and the enabler roles played by communication protocols such as DDS and Zenoh. 

This session will be hosted by our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, and TTTech Auto’s Head of Product Management, Salva Rodríguez. You can register here. They’ll also host a Q&A session at the end to answer your questions.

Angelo Corsaro and Salva Rodriguez joint webinar

Earlier this year, Cyclone DDS and Zenoh were adopted in the Indy Autonomous Challenge and it set a new world speed record reaching 180 mph (289 km/h) with 100% open-source software! This article explains the key role played by our Cyclone DDS software and here, we wrote a blog post on how Zenoh could improve the communication infrastructure of the cars.

More incredible projects are coming for Cyclone DDS, so reach out if you think we can partner and work together!

Cyclone DDS: The Origins and the future of DDS

In 2020, Open Robotics announced Cyclone DDS as the default ROS 2 middleware. Back then, Cyclone DDS was much younger compared to other DDS implementations and this selection proved its quality and performance. Many robotics companies have become early adopters of Cyclone DDS afterwards, and from the ROS2 default, Cyclone continues to be the most widely used DDS implementation and ROS.2 users’ favourite. 

Watch this webinar above hosted by our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, and our Head of DDS Technology, Erik Boasson, where they talk more in-depth about Cyclone DDS. If you have a question, reply to this email to let us know.

Webinars & Events

  • Eclipse Foundation is hosting the Virtual IoT and Edge Days 2023 on the 16th of May and our colleague, Carlos Guimaraes, will attend to discuss how Zenoh achieves its Cloud-to-Thing unification and Zenoh-Pico. You can register for free here
  • As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, we’re hosting a webinar on the 16th of May at 3 pm CET to launch the commercial version of Cyclone DDS and highlight its automotive focused features. You can register here.
  • We can’t say more now, but next month we’re having a big party and you’re invited! Look for your invitation in your inbox in a few weeks!

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