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Pssssst… We’re launching the first Zenoh comic!

If you opened our Zetta newsletter last month, you’ve been among the very few exclusive people who knew about it!

For us, Zenoh is more than a string of 1s and 0s and he’s been growing with us for quite some time now. We’ll send you a monthly email so you can follow up on his adventures and love him as much as we do.

With this first episode, we want to introduce dragon Zenoh to our new friends and partners and this webinar hosted by our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, explains everything you need to know about him.

If you want the short version, keep reading ⬇️

  1. Yes, Zenoh is a communication protocol. Through him, we successfully unified data in motion, data at rest and computations from the smallest micro-controllers to the biggest data centres on Earth.
  2. He’s a smart translator who streamlines the communications between your machines and databases. He’s compatible with many storages such as influxdb, RockDB, etc, and he’s also compatible with MQTT, DDS and many more. If you need Zenoh to make your life easier at work, let us know.
  3. His performance is almost out of this world. With a high throughput (67Gbps) and a low latency (10usec for Zenoh and 5usec for Zenoh-Pico), what more can you ask for? You can read more about this in the blog post below.

We can go on and on, but we’ll let you discover Zenoh for yourself. Be sure to join our Discord channel to meet with the rest of our active community.

Comparing the Performance of Zenoh, DDS, MQTT and Kafka

ZettaScale: Comparing the Performance of Zenoh, DDS, MQTT and Kafka

At ZettaScale, we focus on getting results and in this image, you can see the throughput across multiple machines over a 100 Gb Ethernet. This is an independent evaluation from the National Taiwan University that compared our Zenoh P2P (at the top in purple), Zenoh brokered (orange), Cyclone DDS (blue) with Kafka (red) and MQTT (green).

The result speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it. Read the blog to see the other throughout and also latency tests and of course, do your own testing. Don’t hesitate to reply to this email with your thoughts or join our community on Discord.

DDS week for our team

Lex Heerink from ZettaScale
Donna Prevett, Erik Hendriks and Mike Roberts from ZettaScale

If you missed our webinar on building large systems using Cyclone DDS with Lex Heerink, you can now watch the recording on our Youtube channel. Next, we’ll talk about how Shared Memory and zero-copy exchange work and why people from the ROS community chose Cyclone DDS.

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We had to honour of being invited to OMG’s DDS Foundation Forum in the US and Erik Hendriks, our Senior Architect, was also part of a panel talking about the latest news in DDS. Donna Prevett and Mike Roberts were also part of our team there ready to answer questions about implementing Cyclone DDS.

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