ZettaScale Newsletter – July 2023


We had a few busy weeks at ZettaScale’s HQ and we can’t wait to share the good news with you.

First, we’re happy to launch the Zetta Platform! Our team worked around the clock for months to launch it at the end of June. 

Zetta provides a unified solution for communication, storage and computation from the cloud to the micro-controller. It’s powered by both Zenoh and Cyclone, and it’s a game-changing platform set to revolutionize connectivity as we know it.

We are opening Zetta for free evaluations to our collaborators, friends, and experts working in robotics, automotive and general IoT and Edge applications. If you are interested in testing it yourself, please email us at contact@zettascale.tech before the 31st of July.

But this is not all…

ZettaScale Comic

Secondly, we’re giving Zetta wings! We’re launching Zetta Auto in collaboration with our long-term partner, TTTech Auto.

Zetta Auto is Zetta Platform’s verticalization for the automotive industry. We plan to reshape the automotive industry by revolutionizing on vehicle and cross-vehicle communication capabilities and this is the first step.

To sum it up, Zetta Auto combines the power of Cyclone DDS, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Zenoh to respond to the specific needs of the automotive industry. It offers superior quality of service, high throughput and minimal latency. You can also read a performance comparison between Zenoh, MQTT, Kafka, and DDS. All these result in a significant enhancement to end-to-end vehicle performance.

You can read more about it on our website or listen to our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, talking about it below:

If you have questions or you want to collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or to TTTech Auto. We’d be happy to provide more resources.

Last but not least, we’re launching a new series of webinars to talk and explain these new updates to you. There will be a series of three webinars hosted by our CEO. You can see the agenda below:

  • 6th July at 3pm CET: Zetta Genesis and the issues Zetta is solving for robotics, automotive, general IoT and Edge applications
  • 13th July at 3pm CET: Hands-on demonstration on how to set up Zetta
  • 20th July at 3pm CET: Joint webinar with TTTech Auto to demonstrate the power of Zetta Auto – a unique solution for in-vehicle and V2X communication

This is your chance to join, ask questions and find a better solution for your application that truly supports device-to-microcontroller systems communication to the Cloud. Each webinar will have a Q&A at the end, as always, and we welcome your feedback.

Do you want to get in touch?

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The ZettaScale Team

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