ZettaScale Newsletter – February 2024

The Adventure of Zenoh from February 2024

Hi again,

What do Linux, Python and Mozilla Firefox have in common?
Yes, they’re all open source!

In February, the world celebrates Free Open Source Software Month. Here, at ZettaScale, we celebrate and contribute to the open source community every day through:

As part of our ongoing commitment to open source technology, our CEO, Angelo Corsaro and our partners from Eclipse SDV, were part of the panel discussion on “Open Source for the Software Defined Vehicle” organised by the European Commission earlier this month.

Also, to mark this occasion, our team took a short trip down memory lane and wrote about the features we released for Zenoh in 2023. These features significantly improved performance, usability, and integration capabilities, so take a look.

New Series of Webinars

We’re launching a new series of live webinars to explore the various facets of the Blue Dragon protocol in robotics and automotive. This webinar series will provide a deep dive into its core functionalities and its advanced features. 


1. Dive Deep into the Heart of Zenoh in March

March is all about “Mastering Zenoh.” Our weekly webinars will guide you and demonstrate how to leverage its full potential for your projects. We’ll host them live every Tuesday at 3 pm CET.

2. Steering Towards Innovation in April

We’ll delve into the new Zenoh features tailored for automotive applications, Zenoh Flow and discuss the path towards certification. The webinars will be live on April 2nd and 23rd at 3 pm CET. 

Panels with expert guests (live publicly on our LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube):

  • Key Trends in Automotive Software: 16th of April at 3 pm CET 
  • Open Source and Certification in Automotive: 30th of April at 3 pm CET 

3. Pioneering Robotics Communication in May

Featuring panel discussions (to be announced soon) with experts and users, this month’s webinars will discuss the Zenoh features designed for robotics, including its integration with ROS. The live webinars will be hosted weekly on Tuesdays at 3 pm CET.

Do you have a question?

If you want to ask about a specific feature or you need support, reply to this email or tell us on our Discord server, in #z-news. We’re an open book, and we want to hear from you.

The ZettaScale Team

ZettaScale Technology
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