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V2X Communication in the Automotive Industry with Zenoh

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The automotive industry was rapidly evolving and moved towards connected and autonomous vehicles.

This evolution demanded robust communication protocols more than ever. Eclipse Zenoh, an Eclipse Foundation open-source project and protocol, entered the scene for redefing vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication.

Last month, we were thrilled to announce a series of webinars.

These sessions explored Zenoh’s potential for the automotive industry. They delved into Zenoh’s capabilities, its role in addressing current challenges, and its promising future in shaping the automotive landscape. Additionally, we detailed the features we planned to release in 2024 on our website.

Tackling Vehicle-to-Anything Communication (V2X) Challenges with Zenoh

Tackling Vehicle-to-Anything Communication (V2X) Challenges with Zenoh webinar hosted by ZettaScale

Speakers: Angelo Corsaro, Gabriele Baldoni

Recording available

Vehicle connectivity heavily relied on the MQTT protocol. This protocol had been around for over 20 years. However, it presented strong topological limitations and lacked support for edge computing.

Moreover, its dependence on TCP+TLS led to reconnection storms and congestion management challenges with video streams. It was widely agreed that this protocol was unsuitable for next-generation connected vehicles and advanced ADAS.

Zenoh emerged as a key protocol in the automotive sector.

It gained traction for in-vehicle communication. Its main appeal lay in its ability to operate from microcontrollers to data centres. It covered the entire cloud-to-device continuum.

This positioned Zenoh uniquely as a crucial connectivity protocol for connected vehicles, making ZettaScale a significant player in the market.

This webinar elucidated how Zenoh and the Zetta Platform addressed the challenges in vehicle connectivity.

More importantly, it discussed how they supported the intricate use cases of advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

Zenoh for Software Defined Vehicle Architectures

Zetttascale team with Angelo Corsaro e Julien Loudet

Speakers: Angelo Corsaro, Julien Loudet

Recording available

Historically, vehicle architectures were built around the AUTOSAR family of standards.

However, as the automotive industry became more software-centric, the complexity and dynamism of car software grew. This growth revealed limitations in existing frameworks. It also caused integration difficulties and SOP delays.

The research community, in collaboration with the industry, had sought alternatives.

These alternatives offered the right abstractions, performance, predictability, and flexibility for next-generation vehicles. Initiatives like the Eclipse SDV were established.

They fostered open innovation and drove convergence towards an open-source framework supporting future vehicle architectures.

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We hosted a webinar series to unlock the potential of Zenoh in shaping the future of automotive connectivity and software-defined vehicles.

Whether you were an industry veteran or a newcomer seeking to stay ahead of the curve, these webinars provided insights into Zenoh.

Discover the innovative protocol Zenoh and watch our tutorials.




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