Zetta Radio: Open Source in Robotics, Eclipse Foundation and Zetta Values

Did you know that more than 90% of applications today use open source code? Listen to this episode to learn more about open source technology and the Eclipse Foundation.

At ZettaScale, we’re proud to be part of the open source community. We are the major contributors of Eclipse Zenoh and Eclipse Cyclone DDS and have been part of the Eclipse family since 2018. Angelo Corsaro, our CEO & CTO, talked about this during the first part of today’s episode.

If you want to learn more about the Eclipse Foundation, home to global open source projects, listen to this interview with Julien Enoch (ZettaScale’s Senior Solution Architect) and Frédéric Desbiens (Program Manager for IoT and Edge Computing at the Eclipse Foundation).

Frédéric shares more information on the IoT and Edge groups of the Eclipse Foundation, their values, how to start as a contributor for open source technology, and the promising Eclipse projects for robotics.

He said: “(…) there’s a need for precision in what you do with predictable latency. So it’s much easier to build solutions like that when all the components are open source. If you have those commercial black boxes, then sometimes is really hard to debug or optimise for your specific case. This is why open source is so important, in particular in robotics.”


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