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Top tip to be more sustainable on Earth Day 🌍

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Welcome to the second edition of our Zenoh comic! Last Saturday was World Earth Day and with this occasion, we want to transform a complex issue into an efficient solution. 

Issue: Did you know established technologies make the communication between devices, such as your mobile, your smart thermostat, or your car extremely “energivore”? This is a consequence of existing solutions requiring device communication to be mediated by cloud services and as a result of it burning a lot of energy on Internet switches, routers, fibres and servers. If the conversation was direct, all the energy consumption would be avoided.

Solution: Zenoh eliminates these energy wastes by keeping communication local whenever possible and minimises the overhead to the data your application shares to only 5 bytes per message! 

Zenoh avoids the wastefulness of other protocols like DDS, MQTT and NDN, which need to involve several sets of machines, by enabling your phone to talk directly to your smart device, without involving servers all over the globe. This is a massive saving of processing power. Our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, talked about it more in depth in Connected World.

If you’re looking for ways to make your devices and robots talk smarter, reply to this email to get in touch with one of our Zettlers. You can also install Zenoh directly using these instructions, because it’s an open source project.

Many robotics and communications companies have already adopted Zenoh, including the U.S. Department of Transportation (they tapped Zenoh for testing autonomous vehicle technology), so why not give it a go?

Research the pros & cons of Zenoh

The Turku Intelligent Embedded and Robotic Systems (TIERS) Lab, from Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, recently published a research paper analysing how ROS 2 and Zenoh can be integrated to build a scalable wireless communication solution for multi-robot systems.
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Richard Elberger, the head of IoT ecosystem services at Amazon’s AWS IoT, wrote an article where he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of four key application protocols for IoT that are relevant right now and named Zenoh as “the most viable protocol that will help us mature to this ideal model”.
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More good news about Zenoh

Our Head of Technology, Luca Cominardi, will soon open the doors to a new version of Zenoh! You are the first to know about these new features:

  • Stabilization of C++ API 
  • C++ API available for Zenoh-Pico
  • Encrypt support for TLS certificates

He said more features will be announced publicly on our website and on our Discord channel at the end of the month, so stay tuned!

Webinars & Events

  • We’re releasing the commercial version of Cyclone DDS on the 16th of May at 3 pm CET and we’d like to invite you to our webinar hosted by our CEO, Angelo Corsaro, and our partner from TTTech Auto, Salvador Rodriguez Lopez. You can register here.

  • Our Cyclone DDS Unleashed webinar series is coming to an end. If you’d like to watch the webinars again, you can find them on our Youtube channel and the presentation slides are in their descriptions.

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