Zenoh’s Comics – May 2023

When a company starts working with us, we are usually asked if they should use Zenoh or DDS and how they compare. For companies that are looking to unify the stack used from the Cloud to the microcontroller, Zenoh is the right choice. In systems that have requirements of compliance or interoperability with the OMG DDS Standard then Cyclone is the right choice. 

That said, even in these cases Zenoh can be of great use, allowing users to leverage Zenoh transparent interworking with DDS, to reach contained devices, to operate at Internet Scale and leverage the support for data at rest and computations provided by Zenoh. This allows you to use DDS where you need it and Zenoh everywhere else, leveraging its simplicity, performance and next-generation features. 

This is the case in this episode of our comic as well. Zenoh asks his friend to reach out to some older generation of robots that can only talk DDS. After all, Cyclone DDS is one of the most widely used DDS implementations in Open Robotics’ ROS2.

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