Robotics with Zenoh Integration

The Future of Robotics with Zenoh Integration

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Robotics systems have become interconnected and reliant on fast, efficient data exchange, and Eclipse Zenoh provides the necessary infrastructure to support them. This month, our webinar series will explore the unique advantages Zenoh brings to the robotics industry. We’ll feature in-depth discussions with experts, alongside demonstrations of features such as the ROS 2 plugin and the Zenoh ROS 2 RMW. 

Register today and join us to uncover the potential of Zenoh in robotics connectivity and data integration. These webinars will be the third and last part of our webinar series showcasing Zenoh tutorials and how Zenoh can be used in robotics and automotive.

Exploring the Zenoh Ecosystem: A Gateway to Enhanced Robotic Integration

Zenoh, designed to address the needs of highly distributed systems, brings unparalleled efficiency and flexibility to robotics.

It bridges the gap between data in motion and data at rest, allowing for seamless, real-time data streaming and storage across devices. This capability is essential in robotics, where the integration of systems and technologies can often pose significant challenges.

Upcoming Webinars: Deep Dives with Industry Experts

Zetttascale team with Angelo Corsaro e Julien Loudet

Multi-Robot Integration: Solving The OEM Walled Garden Problem

Date: May 14 at 3 pm CEST
Speakers: Angelo Corsaro, Julien Loudet
Overview: This session will explore how Zenoh and Zenoh-Flow can overcome the notorious Walled Garden Problem in robotics. The discussion will focus on real-world scenarios where system integration across different robotic platforms is achieved, fostering an environment of compatibility and cooperation.

Zettascale team with Steven palma and Gabriele Baldoni

Zetta and ROS2 – Giving Unconstrained Connectivity to Your Robots

Date: May 21 at 3 pm CEST
Speakers: Gabriele Baldoni, Steven Palma
Overview: Discover how the Zetta Platform leverages Zenoh to facilitate Internet Scale connectivity for ROS2 robots. This webinar will demonstrate the practical benefits and the straightforward process of integrating Zenoh to achieve robust, scalable connections in robotic systems.

Zettascale team with Angelo Corsaro and Julien Enoch

Zenoh ROS 2 RMW and ROS 2 Plugin – When to Use What?

Date: May 28 at 5 pm CEST
Speakers: Angelo Corsaro, Julien Enoch, Yadunund Vijay
Overview: This webinar focuses on the technical nuances between the Zenoh ROS 2 RMW and the ROS 2 Zenoh plugin. Attendees will receive valuable insights into each tool's applications, helping to determine the best fit for various robotic needs and scenarios.

Why Attend?

Participating in these webinars will equip you with the knowledge to:

  • Enhance System Interoperability: Learn how Zenoh facilitates seamless integration across diverse robotic platforms.
  • Scale Your Robotics Solutions: Understand how to apply Zenoh to handle large-scale, distributed robotic systems effectively.
  • Stay Ahead in Robotics Innovation: Gain insights into the latest developments and features in Zenoh.

Registration and Participation

Secure your spot today to engage in the evolution of robotics through Zenoh.

Each webinar promises a blend of expert knowledge, practical demonstrations, and interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring participants walk away with actionable insights.



ZettaScale’s mission is to bring to every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely. The company develops open source communication middleware that underpins next-generation robotics, transportation and mission critical applications. As devices in the physical world become connected, instrumented and interdependent, ZettaScale enables device creators to easily achieve robust, secure and scalable communication.

ZettaScale was spun out from ADLINK Technology Inc. in 2022, with a strategic investment from TTTech Auto. ZettaScale has offices in the U.K., France and The Netherlands.

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