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Zenoh Charmander – The eagerly anticipated Zenoh 0.7.0 is here!

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Our Paris office was buzzing at the beginning of January when Zenoh 0.7.0 (codename Charmander) was finally ready to be released after months of hard work!

As always, we first released it to our GitHub community and we’ve been overwhelmed with their positive response. That’s not a coincidence, so how did it happen?

The Charmander version introduces some long-awaited functionalities requested by the Zenoh community over the last few months of 2022. ZettaScale prioritizes listening to our community and building a better product with your support. Our Zenoh Discord channel is active every day and has gained over 600 stars on GitHub. Be sure to join us on Discord if you haven’t yet.

There were many ideas put on the table (more to come in next releases throughout 2023, so stay tuned!); keep reading to learn which ones can be found in the new version you can install today.

7 New Key Features for Zenoh in 2023

  • Mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) authentication = no more need to use the user and password authentication! 

The new Zenoh 0.7.0 supports Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication allowing the router to authenticate incoming TLS connections from clients, peers, or other routers.

  • MQTT plugin

 A new plugin facilitates the integration of Zenoh with MQTT. This feature enhances the portfolio of Zenoh routing and storage capabilities, enabling Zenoh clients and peers to talk with MQTT clients.

  • S3 storage backend

You can use Zenoh with S3-like storage, e.g. Amazon S3 and MinIO, all thanks to enhanced S3 storage backend capabilities. If you work in IIOT, this will come in handy. 

  • Query payload

To simplify and make it more efficient for an application to pass information, Zenoh Charmander can attach some user payload. For example, you can now attach a picture to a query analysed by an object detection algorithm.

  • C++ binding

The C++ binding allows you to develop C++ Zenoh applications in your usual desktop/server environment. 

  • Connectivity status and notifications

Now, Zenoh has experimental support that exposes connectivity status and notifications. The status and events can be queried or subscribed to.

  • MISRA-C compliance for Zenoh-Pico

Zenoh-Pico, the swift communication facilitator for the Microcontrollers has undergone a robust update to comply with MISRA-C safety requirements.

A more in-depth explanation and examples can be found on the zenoh.io page, where you can download and try the new Zenoh version.

Learn more about Zenoh’s Capabilities

For the past few weeks, our developing team hosted a series of webinars focusing on Zenoh and how to get the best out of it. They discussed:

  • Zenoh Genesis and how the story began
  • How to Get Started with Zenoh
  • ROS2 Robot-to-Anything with Zenoh
  • Zenoh on Microcontrollers and Low Power Networks
  • Integrating DataBases and Messaging Protocols with Zenoh
  • Data Flow Programming with Zenoh-Flow

Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about Zenoh and watch our webinars. You’ll also be able to see the presentation slides online. Reach out to discuss any Zenoh questions with Zettlers on Discord . We are always open to your suggestions regarding new Zenoh features for the roadmap development. 

See you there!




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