A platform that unifies communication, storage and computation from the cloud to the micro-controller.

It integrates seamlessly with mainstream protocols and databases, and it’s extremely time, space and energy efficient.
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The Dragon Inside

Zetta is built on the extremely innovative Eclipse Zenoh Protocol. Zenoh is pub/sub/query protocol that unifies data in motion, data at rest and computations from embedded microcontrollers up to the data centre.
It provides location-transparent abstractions for high performance pub/sub and distributed queries across heterogeneous systems. It also provides universal abstractions for cloud-to-device data-flow programming.
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Zetta (Z)

Z-PaaS. Zetta Platform as a Service supporting multi-cloud developments, public/private clouds and able to manage on-premise Z-Routers
Z-Router. Zetta’s Zenoh router. It can be used stand-alone or integrated with Z-PaaS
Z-Connectors. Connectors to protocols, e.g., DDS, MQTT, etc., and databases, e.g. RocksDB, InfluxDB, etc.
Z-Tools. A rich set of tools supporting monitoring, management, administration, debugging, etc.
Z-API. Programming API for a variety of programming languages and targets, e.g., Python, C/C++, Rust, Arduino, etc.
Zetta Platform

IoT, R2X and V2X

The Zetta Platform is ideally suited for use cases that require efficient and scalable communication, across the continuum, including Robotics, Automotive and in general IoT and Edge applications.


The Zetta Platform supports a continuously expanding set of Protocol and Storage plug-ins.
All of the supported plug-ins can be monitored/managed from our tools.
Some plug-ins, such as that for DDS, are first class in the sense that we also have our DDS implementation.


Zetta: What It Is and How You Can Use It

Zetta: Getting Started and Live Demonstration

Zetta Auto: Zetta’s Solution for the Automotive Industry

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For a limited time only, we’re making the Zetta Platform available on a trial basis. If you’re interested to test it, contact us directly at contact@zettascale.tech

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