Zetta Radio: Listening and Solving the Pain Points of the ROS Community

This Zetta Radio episode highlights how modern robotic platforms are nothing short of complex cloud-to-microcontroller ecosystems. Data must flow efficiently from the tiniest microcontroller on the robot to the data centre. Navigating this continuum of computation and communication can be a daunting task, with issues ranging from energy consumption to latency and security concerns.

In this episode, our team, Angelo Corsaro, Julien Enoch and Gabriele Baldoni, delve into the ways in which Zenoh and Zetta Platform are offering a transformative solution to the pain points faced by robotics developers.

In under 20 minutes on Zetta Radio, they…

Addressed the Challenges of DDS and ROS 2 Communication

  • One of the primary pain points reported by ROS2 users is the intensive bandwidth usage associated with the DDS discovery protocol. As all DDS participants need to discover each other and exchange discovery information, the network can quickly become congested, leading to performance issues.

Talk about Optimising Large Message Transfers

  • Transferring large messages, such as images or lidar data, poses another significant challenge for robotics developers. Zenoh’s built-in fragmentation capabilities transform large data into smaller pieces and transmit them across the network. This not only ensures reliable data delivery but also helps to reduce network congestion, leading to improved performance and lower latency, particularly when traversing the cloud-to-edge continuum.

Bridging the Gap Between Cloud and Edge Robotics

  • The trend in robotics is towards increased interconnectivity, with a growing need for seamless communication between robots, control systems, and algorithms. However, these different components may have varying requirements in terms of latency, bandwidth, and computational resources. Tune in to listen!

Discuss Enhancing Security and Connectivity

  • As robotics systems become increasingly connected, the need for robust security measures becomes paramount. Zenoh addresses this challenge by offering a multi-layered security approach, including transport-level encryption, authentication, and access control for topics. The Zetta Platform further simplifies the security setup by providing built-in certificate generation and more.


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