Zetta Radio: Solving the Pain Points of Robotics with Zenoh

The field of robotics has experienced significant advancements recently. For years, the robotics community has relied on DDS as the backbone of their ROS middleware. While DDS has proven to be a powerful tool, it has faced significant hurdles. Among them is scaling down to small devices and navigating the complexities of wireless networks. We’ll discuss all these in a new episode of Zetta Radio.

In this episode, our host Angelo Corsaro is joined by Julien Enoch (one of our Senior Solution Architect at ZettaScale) to discuss real-life case studies and applications of Zenoh in robotics. They’re also covering:

  • The limitations of DDS in robotics

  • Connecting Zenoh with ROS

  • Enhancing ROS performance using Zenoh through the Zenoh RMW

  • Exploring the Zenoh bot experiment

Julian Enoch has been at the forefront of this journey, having worked extensively with DDS and the challenges it poses in the context of robotics. Recognizing these limitations, ZettaScale set out to develop a solution that would address the unique needs of the robotics community. The result was Zenoh. It’s a protocol designed to tackle the challenges posed by wireless networks and small devices.

“Zenoh was not created solely for robotics,” Julien Enoch clarifies. “We had a series of challenges across various domains, and the pain points we experienced with scaling DDS down to small devices and dealing with discovery and reliability issues were also plaguing the ROS ecosystem.”

For more, tune in on Zetta Radio and let us know your thoughts, as always!

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