Zenoh’s Comics – November 2023

Yes, we launched the Zetta Platform for general availability! But Zetta is not just a platform — it’s a journey into the future of efficient communication.

Click the button below to take a deep dive into Zetta’s features and capabilities. To sum it up:

  • It runs everywhere: Provision, manage and monitor a secure infrastructure in the cloud-to-device continuum.
  • Any topology: Freely mix and match routed, brokered and peer-to-peer communication.
  • High performance: Built on Zenoh, the most performant and power-efficient protocol on the market.
  • ROS ready: Built-in support for ROS and ROS2-based robots.

We’re also launching a new series of webinars to show you how the Zetta Platform looks and performs. Register now and be part of the evolution of robotics communication.

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