Zenoh’s Comics – December 2023


Hey there,

We’re currently making the final preparations, and we’re looking forward to starting the Zenoh User Meeting! The live streaming will start on the 12th of December at 3 pm CET.

You can watch the streaming live on:
🔵 Discord on ZUM23 voice channel
🔵 Twitter 
🔵 LinkedIn 
🔵 YouTube

Moreover, we’re happy to have the Eclipse Foundation sponsoring the event again this year and we’re thankful to our guest speakers, who will join us live to talk about their experience using Zenoh! Have a quick Look on our guest speakers:

15:30 – Samuel Greising, FLECS
15:50 – Rodrigo Gonzalez, The Construct
16:10 – Peter van der Perk, NXP
16:30 – Sara Gallian, Eclipse SDV
16:50 – Markus Weber, Filics 
17:05 – Franco Cipollone & Yadunund Vijay, Intrinsic
17:30 – Steven Hartley, General Motors
17:50 – Elias De Coninck, Tractonomy Robotics    
18:10 – Hideki Takase, University of Tokyo
18:30 – Christopher Helpa, TTTech-Auto

You can peruse the complete agenda for the remainder of the Zenoh User Meeting 2023, where our team will be unveiling exciting forthcoming features and outlining the roadmap for 2024.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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