enoh at Bosch Connected World

ZettaScale, in partnership with Eclipse Foundation, demonstrates Zenoh at Bosch Connected World

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Company also present at SIDO and Open Source Experience

PARIS, FRANCE – Nov 14, 2022 – ZettaScale Technology, an innovator of technologies to communicate, compute and store at any scale, demonstrated its two advanced and highly anticipated protocols at Bosch Connected World 2022 in Berlin and also was present at SIDO and Open Source Experience in Paris.

Bosch Connected World is an annual, international conference and exhibition that brings together the leaders in AIoT and digital transformation. During the Nov 9 – 10 conference in Berlin, the ZettaScale team, in collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation, provided Zenoh-powered robotic demonstrations and Zenoh-Flow for robotics and autonomous vehicle applications. 

Zenoh combines and extends the capabilities found in protocols such as DDS and MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) with NDN (name data networking) to provide location-transparent abstractions for high performance pub/sub and distributed queries across geo-distributed and heterogeneous storage technologies. It is uniquely positioned to address the ROS1-to-ROS2 transition and challenge the robotics community is facing.

Zenoh-Flow is ZettaScale’s new data-flow framework that facilitates the development of robot swarms and autonomous driving.

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The company also was present at the colocated conferences SIDO and Open Source Experience in Paris Nov 8 -9. SIDO is dedicated to the convergence of IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics and XR solutions and technologies for strategic innovation and operational business decision makers. Open Source Experience attracts Europe’s open source community. 

Angelo Corsaro, PhD, CEO/CTO, ZettaScale, was part of a globally-recognized panel of experts at SIDO discussing innovations in robotics, AI, IoT, edge computing and data management. The company was present as part of the Eclipse Foundation’s booth at Open Source Experience. 

Cyclone DDS from ZettaScale Technology Logo

Recently, ZettaScale partnered with TTTech Auto to deliver MotionWise Cyclone DDS. The partnership combines TTTech Auto’s TSN and safe real-time software expertise with ZettaScale’s open-source Cyclone DDS. The product will be safety-certified under ISO 26262, and be made available for automotive and non-automotive applications, including those that are a part of ZettaScale’s existing robotics and mission critical markets.

WIth Zenoh and Cyclone DDS, ZettaScale is positioned to serve as a key enabler for R2X and V2X applications. It is producing significant advancements in performance, energy efficiency, scalability and integration. 

“Since our spinout from ADLINK earlier this year, we continue to quickly gain technology partners, product users and ZettaScale believers,” said Angelo Corsaro, PhD, ZettaScale CEO. “The feedback and insights the tech tech community has been sharing with us is outstanding. We’re taking it all in as we continue to enhance our technologies.”




ZettaScale’s mission is to bring to every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely.

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