What is Zenoh

What is Zenoh?

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Zenoh (pronounced as /zeno/) is an extremely innovative protocol designed to provide unified and location transparent abstractions for data in motion, data at rest and computations.

Zenoh elegantly blends traditional pub/sub with geo-distributed storage, queries and computations, while retaining a level of time and space efficiency that is well beyond any of the mainstream stacks.

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Simple, Fast, Efficient and Powerful

Zenoh is extremely simple to get started with. Yet it provides some extremely powerful abstractions that greatly simplify the development of applications that need to deal with data in movement, data at rest, e.g. stored in data-bases, file-systems, etc, and distributed computation. These powerful abstractions were designed to ensure great performance and minimal overhead. As such, Zenoh is capable of throughput of over 50Gbps, has a latency of few tens of micro-seconds, has a minimal wire overhead of 5 bytes, and can run on anything spanning from a many-cores server to a tiny micro-controller !

This features are making Zenoh extremely popular in application that have to span from the Cloud-to-micro-controller applications, including Robot-to-Anything (R2X) and Vehicle-to-Anything (R2X) communication.

Give it a try

Zenoh core technology is developed as part of the Eclipse Zenoh Project, getting started is incredibly easy as described here




ZettaScale’s mission is to bring to every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely.

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