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ROSCon 2022 was awesome – Part II

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Members of our Cyclone DDS team took some time off to explore Japan’s beautiful wonders after attending ROSCon 2022. And who can blame them? But they’re back now. So, just as we did for Zenoh, it is now time to share what we heard from the ROS community on Cyclone DDS and outline our next steps to address this important feedback 

First, we were impressed by the number of you using Cyclone DDS. It was very energizing to hear from so many happy users. We also learned from the community that (1) Cyclone DDS offers the best off-the shelf user experience on ROS2 Humble, and (2) is the only DDS implementation that allows ROS2 to run on Android.

We’ve also learned that several of you would prefer to have shared-memory communication enabled by default,which in other terms, would mean to automatically start the IceOryx demon. We have already started to discuss this matter and will develop a proposal to the community so that this can be the new default behavior starting with the next release. 

We’ve also received some requests to enhance the coverage of our C++ documentation. The good news is that we already had something in the pipeline related to this. A pull-request is already in process and more is coming.

At ROScon, there were several discussions on adding support for extensibility for ROS2 without necessarily pulling in the full complexity of the OMG DDS X-Types. We will support this design initiative, sharing our experience on dealing with extensibility as well as our in-depth knowledge of DDS X-Types. 

We will also ensure that Cyclone DDS RMW will have support for this extensibility as we move forward with the solution. Likewise, we’ll continue to work hard to ensure that Cyclone DDS is the ROS2 DDS implementation that “just works” – no hick-ups.

Once again, it was an awesome ROSCon. What made it so great was the opportunity we had to interact with you, our community. As you’ve read above and in our first blog on ROSCon, we take your feedback seriously and we react quickly. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases.

– The ZettaScale Team



ZettaScale’s mission is to bring to every connected human and machine the unconstrained freedom to communicate, compute and store — anywhere, at any scale, efficiently and securely. The company develops open source communication middleware that underpins next-generation robotics, transportation and mission critical applications. As devices in the physical world become connected, instrumented and interdependent, ZettaScale enables device creators to easily achieve robust, secure and scalable communication.

ZettaScale was spun out from ADLINK Technology Inc. in 2022, with a strategic investment from TTTech Auto. ZettaScale has offices in the U.K., France and The Netherlands.

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